EXHIBIT "A" (Deed Restrictions, Covenants and Easements to Tracts on JEDI Road)

Subject to and benefits from the following Easements, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, and shall be binding on any successors or assigns:

1. A 40 foot wide easement along the southerly property boundary and as depicted on the Survey Plats as recorded in the records of Taos County in Cabinet E, Page 61-A and Cabinet E, Page 184-A, for access and egress and for the placement of utility pipes and wires.

2. Easements for ingress and egress and utilities from Taos County Road 020, as recorded in Book 489, Pages 858-861 and Book 489, Pages 867-872 of the Records of Taos County, NM.

3. An easement on the southwest corner of Tract ”B” for the well (as depicted on the Survey Plat), the well house, the piping and wiring from the well and well house, along the westerly property boundary to the above cited 40 ft easement and cross easements with abutting parcels, for the water service pipes from this well.

4. An easement on the southwesterly corner of Parcel "D" on the plat recorded in Cabinet E, Page 61-A for the placement, use and servicing of a 3000 gallon fire protection water tank.

5. Each Tract may have upon it a house and a guest house (for a maximum of two habitable structures, but only one mobile home is allowed per Tract. Other permitted structures shall include sheds, studios, barns, garages, workshops, detached solar collectors, and satellite dishes.

6. All mobile homes must be skirted within one month of placement upon the property. No mobile home shall be older that 8 years (or have received written permission from the original Grantor or his Agent), and shall be in a state of good repair and neat appearance, when it is moved onto the property.

7. No junk or dead cars (cars that can not move under their own power) are allowed on the property.

8. The JEDI Road Owners' Association By-Laws, as recorded in Book 520, Pages 677-678 of the Records of Taos County.

9. Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked on any tract, but not used for permanent human habitation or connected to any utilities.

10. Generally recognized domestic indoor animal pets may be bred, or kept, in a reasonable number. All dogs must be kept on a leash or controlled at all times. It shall be the responsibility of each pet owner to clean up after their pets. At night, all pets must be kept in an enclosed area. In all cases, the Grantor or his Agent shall have the right to order the removal from any Parcel and/or dwelling any animal deemed objectionable or a nuisance. Grantor reserves unto itself sole discretion in determining what type and number of animal pets complies with this provision. Each Parcel owner may maintain livestock, horses, cattle, poultry, etc., provided, however, that the keeping of such animals is for personal use and not for a commercial business, that such animals shall be confined by pens, corrals, fences, barns, or coops, and that such animals shall be maintained in such a number, fashion, and manner as not to be obnoxious to the eye, emitting foul or obnoxious odors, or causing any noise that will disturb the peace, quiet, comfort or serenity of the occupants of surrounding properties.

11. US Patent Reservations of Record.

12. Grantee may not grant any adjoiner of the Tract any ancillary easement or license to connect into the utilities or access in the above described 40 foot utility and access easement without the Grantor's prior written consent.

13. These Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions may be enforced by the Declarant (Grantor) or by any Tract Owner. The prevailing party in any court action shall be awarded his court and attorney's fees.

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